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HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales software that will improve the performance of your sales team, remove friction from your pipeline and allow your salespeople to do what they do best - sell to their full potential and attend to customer needs.

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A proven tool for small businesses and large corporations

What does your sales process look like now? Is it a mass of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that no one but the sales team is familiar with? Or do you have sales opportunities on a neat pipeline, but still feel friction in the sales team's day-to-day work?

Either way, know that HubSpot Sales Hub can offer you so much more.

With its tools, you can easily digitize and standardize the entire sales process, from prospecting to qualifying to closing the deal. Forecasting and reporting are just icing on the cake.

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a toolkit for 21st century sales teams

HubSpot Sales Hub includes a suite of sales tools that every modern sales team will welcome. It doesn't matter if you're a one-person sales force or a sales team of 100.
Business automation
Automate your sales process and the routine activities of your salespeople and let them focus on what's important - sales and customers.
Automate outreach and follow-ups with timed personalised emails, tasks or send InMail and LinkedIn connection requests.
Meeting planner
Let your customers choose their appointments using slots in your calendar and avoid email shuffles. Your calendar will be full and you'll be as productive as possible.
Pipeline management
Digitize your sales process into a working pipeline. Guide sales cases along it, assign tasks and evaluate sales on a clear dashboard.
Create a professional sales proposal in seconds using CRM data, share it with customers and close deals faster.
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